NCU Events
Speech (Graduate Institute of Statistics  /  2020-09-26)
Admin. (Library  /  2020-09-25)
Job Position Announcement : Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Central University (College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  /  2020-09-25)
Speech (Department of Physics  /  2020-09-23)
Job axion detection postdoc advertisement (Department of Physics  /  2020-09-22)
Admin. To announce to pick up the air conditioner cards subsidized for top floored student dormitories in 2020 and its instructions. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-09-17)
Admin. To announcement the adjustment of dormitory beds in the 1st semester of 109 academic year. (Student Housing Service Division  /  2020-09-15)
Act. (Teaching & Learning Development Center  /  2020-08-31)
Act. University AWSome Day | NCU 2020 , 歡迎全校師生共同參與 (Computer Center  /  2020-08-25)
Admin. Notification of School Enrollment for the First Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021 for (Registrar Division  /  2020-06-11)
Job (Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering  /  2019-12-10)